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I finally made it through all the photos. To say we are thrilled does not seem to do your work justice. The photos are beyond our wildest expectations. You captured everything, just as you said you would. Every time I think I find a favorite, another pops into my mind.
Thank you for your work. Please let me know when we can be a reference for you.
Can’t wait to have you back for Owen’s celebration. I don’t have a date for Owen yet but I’ll make sure it works for you before I confirm.

— Tracy  (A Bar Mitzvah Mom)


I've only had a brief chance to go through them this morning, but you've already brought me to tears :)  BEST DECISION EVER! You captured soo much joy and love and I am eternally grateful to you for capturing the essence of the day.  There was so much that I didn't see during the party. It has been a joy to see some of these wonderful moments for the first time and others from a different perspective. ...and now I'm tearing up again... oy! 

Most sincerely,

— Heather (A Bat Mitzvah Mom)

After the event but before seeing the photos:

“You’re everywhere, you’re capturing everything but you’re not getting in anybodys way. But you’re also like a part of the family. Like all of the family knows who you are. They’re happy you’re there. It’s like you’re just one of us and you’re taking pictures and nobody even notices. You’re taking so many pictures of people being natural that nobody even notices that you’re doing it. It was a pleasure.”


After seeing the photos:

“Thank you! The girls and I went through the photos as soon as they arrived in my inbox. We went through them rather quickly, as I needed to get to a meeting but we couldn’t wait. They are fantastic, and Livia’s comment was, “I am actually reliving that day!” (Really!)

Thanks so much!”

— Julie  (A Bat Mitzvah Mom)


“Can’t say enough about Jon. He came highly recommended by a good friend, and now we have hired him twice for both our kids’ bar and bat mitzvahs. Not only is he a skilled photographer, capturing both the thoughtful traditional photos you want, but also the amazing candids that really show the feeling of the event. He’s also great at accommodating all the different personalities in a family, and flexible with the practices of each temple. A++, Jon!”

— Kathy (A Bar and Bat Mitzvah mom)


After the event but before seeing the photos:

“Wow is right. What an evening. We were thrilled with how it turned out and many people remarked at how congenial you were and how you fit right in. You could easily have been one of the guests.”


After seeing the photos:


These photos are FANTASTIC!

Thx so much!”

— Jen (A Bat Mitzvah mom)

“Jon, the whole day far exceeded our expectations. We got lots of great comments on how great and professional the photographers were and can’t wait to see photos.”

After seeing the photos:

“Jon, truly wonderful.”

— Dave (A Bat Mitzvah Dad )


“It’s quite fab!    My parents said it was like watching a motion picture.  They thought the album was incredible.”

— Mara(A Bar and Bat Mitzvah mom)

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