Kind of a meditataion for the day of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah


Just my 2 cents of advice to read on the morning of.

It will be perfect.

Just soak it up and enjoy your son or daughter’s special day. The love the pride and the joy that is all around. In the end that is all that really matters.  Breathe…. enjoy….it will all be amazing… just really  be there to enjoy your son or daughter and all of your friends and family.

You have planned and planned so that your son or daughter’s very special day is absolutely amazing. You’ve ordered the right food, the right place and the right DJ.

Of course something might go wrong. I hope it doesn’t but it might…But the love the joy and the pride will all be happening anyway. And if you let that overcooked chicken, or the imperfect centerpieces, or that extra 3 people that the planner missed, cause you to not really really BE there fully present and soaking it all up, then that is your error, not the hotel or the caterer. Please don’t let something, anything.. take you away from enjoying the important things of the day- the pride and the love and the joy of all of those people there honoring your child. And how much pride and love you feel for him or her.  And that is truly the perfection of the day.









Please don’t miss it… for anything.





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