What I Do


Just to give you a sense of what I’m like on the job: I’m having fun with the kids. I’m schmoozing with the grandparents. I’m all over the place and yet unnoticed. I don’t interfere but I capture it all.  And I’m loving it. I’m proud of your child. I’m Jewish too and I’ll be celebrating with you. We will be connected by the time of the big day so I won’t be just a stranger with a camera.

The Party!

Boston Mitzvah Photographer

I am tuned into emotions. I see them, look for them and capture them. I photograph it and expect it. I’m known for capturing the spirit of the day. The real stuff going on. The connections. The love. The fun.  The joy. The important stuff of the day that you’ll really want to remember.  This is what  I care about, and this is what I photograph.

The Posed Photos

I will take beautiful posed photos of the immediate family and the child of honor with the Torah. And we will even have fun doing it.  But since photography is usually not allowed at the service, it is important for me to make sure that there are many photos that are very real  and capture real moments so that you and your child can actually remember  what the service was like and all of those accomplishments. For example,  I will  have your child actually read his parsha maybe a few times, not just pretend to read it and spend a good amount of time photographing that. When she is reading it is very real. She might as well be in front of the congregation. And you will have photos as real memories of that accomplishment.

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