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Boston Mitzvah Photographer

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Boston Mitzvah Photography

Boston Mitzvah Photographer


Capturing the spirit of your event is my passion and my specialty and my commitment to you and your child so that you can look at the collection of photos later and be transported back and KNOW what it was really like.

I’m known for capturing the spirit of the event. To do this, I’m in the middle of the dance floor sometimes getting these crazy shots without anyone knowing I’m even there. The result is that the collection of photos makes you feel like you are still right in the middle of it all.

People often comment that I’m everywhere but barely noticed. That I just fit in with the crowd almost like a guest.

“You’re everywhere, you’re capturing everything but you’re not getting in anybody’s way. But you’re also like a part of the family. Like all of the family knows who you are. They’re happy you’re there. It’s like you’re just one of us and you’re taking pictures and nobody even notices. You’re taking so many pictures of people being natural that nobody even notices that you’re doing it. It was a pleasure.”

Julie  (A Bat Mitzvah Mom)